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Tarologist in Angers, France

On this blog, I write articles about tarot and reviews about the different games on the market. I also conduct private and free consultations, either in a café-library in Angers or via the Internet. To consult me, contact me here.

"My objectives : Demystify the Tarot. Promote the psychological tarot. Train on tarot as a tool for personal development. To help and accompany the consultants with warmth and kindness."

David - Member of Tarot Actually
For you, what is tarot ?
In my opinion the tarot is a true book of wisdom which comes to us from the master-craftsmen of the Renaissance. From first board, through the Major Arcana, it makes the initiatory account of the individual progressing towards his personal realization. It is only in the second place that the tarot can be seen as a divinatory tool. Moreover, I make the difference between the two traditions of the tarot, the Marseilles and the Rider-Waite-Smith.
How do you use tarot ?

The tarot is first of all for me an object of study. In the same way that some people read the Bible or others read books on psychology or personal development, I look and I am passionate about tarot (more precisely Tarot de Marseille). The understanding that I draw from it (of the symbols, the internal structure, the path of realization) helps me to develop my second use of the tarot. that are 'psychological prints'.

I started by exclusively drawing the Tarot de Marseille (Major Arcana + Minor Arcana). Then I began to also draw the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot. The extensive comparative study I do between the Marseilles and the RWS helps me progress as a tarologist.

I only do psychological tarot, I don't make predictions.

How do you nourish your practice ?
  • Through an autodidact apprenticeship in order to develop my own vision of the Tarot.
  • Through the study of the Marseille and the Rider-Waite-Smith (reading many books on the subject).
  • By consulting on the internet numerous reviews (written and video) of tarot cards / oracles of all kinds.
  • By a regular consultation of the cards for myself.
  • By reading the cards for the people around me and my consultants.
  • Through regular free private readings in a bookstore café or via the Internet.
  • By creating content dedicated to tarot on this blog.
  • By designing my own oracle (project in design phase).
Why are you a tarologist ?

Because it imposes itself on me ! The answer is short but it comes from the bottom of my heart ...

It goes beyond a pronounced curiosity or a deliberate will on my part.

It comes from a humble but imperious necessity to transmit the philosophical teaching that I discovered in the Tarot de Marseille.

How does a consultation with you work ?

A consultation is above all a meeting and an exchange, certainly not an occult and esoteric ceremony where a tarologist guru would transmit a divine truth to a sheepish consultant. In this, there is sometimes, even often, a whole pedagogy to be carried out with the consultant to explain to him that I am not Mrs. Irma and that I don't make clairvoyance or predictions.

One does not consult a tarologist as one sees a psychoanalyst or a psychologist. These practitioners offer a space and moment of speech during their consultations in order to allow the patient to express what is repressed, buried in them. A tarologist not only allows the consultant to be able to speak, but the tarologist helps the consultant to find an answer, at least faster and more quickly thanks to the universal and efficient tool that is the Tarot.

I listen to the consultant from the very beginning of the interview, I discover and take into account his story to quickly understand why he wants a spread and what he expects from it.

In a second time, I listen to the consultant's problematic to define with him the question to ask to the tarot.

Naturally throughout the session, I listen to the consultant's feedback on my analysis to validate with him the relevance of my reading and my comments.

Then at the end of the session, I listen to the consultant's feelings to make sure that the question has been answered.

If a consultant wants to know his or her future. How do you approach the consultation ?

I tell him that wanting to know your future is potentially putting yourself in danger of locking yourself in a situation, a projection by restricting its perspectives, limiting the possible options to one.

The future and destiny are not inevitable and they are written in every thought we have and every action we decide to take.

In that, I prefer to say "you don't read your future with tarot, but you build your future with tarot".. I refuse the prediction, and systematically rephrase the question with the consultant if necessary.

About Tarot Actually

Association of tarologists

Tarot Actually is an association law 1901 gathering advanced practitioners or professional tarologists, in all France and French-speaking countries, in order to allow the uninitiated/neophytes to consult or to be formed by reliable professionals and in full confidence.

"The purpose of the association is to demystify, emancipate and transmit the Tarot, to promote an ethical Tarot practice, to bring together the new generation of tarologists and to offer the most curious a discovery of the Tarot in all its forms: consultations, workshops, conferences, events, etc."

The official website : tarot-actually.com

Update October 2021: Unfortunately the association has been dissolved. I would like to find another structure or even create a new one with the same values, and to promote it here. Keep in touch !

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