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A storybook 🦄 for your child 👧👦🏼 for building self-confidence (based on the Fool's journey)
A 'choose your own adventure' 👸🤴 personal development 🌞 book for your teenager (based on the Fool's journey)
A personal development 🌈 book based on Tarot teaching 🃏
An easy learning 🏆 book on the Marseille Tarot 🇫🇷
A learning book 🤹 on all tarots 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 (Marseille + RWS)

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Everyday Witch Tarot

Deborah Blake

"A simple and light tarot"

Overall rating 4.1/5

Clear The Deck Lenormand

Anouck Zana

"A "Pirates" Lenormand !"

Overall rating 3.7/5

Jean Noblet Tarot

Jean Noblet

"The oldest Tarot de Marseille"

Overall rating 3.7/5

Jean Dodal Tarot

Jean Dodal

"A Cathedral Tarot"

Overall rating 3.7/5

Tarot de Marseille Edition Millennium

Wildried Houdouin

"A colored tarot"

Overall rating 3.6/5

Trzes' Mamluk deck

Ulrich Kaltenborn

"Superb and Contemplative"

Overall rating 3.4/5

Tarot de Marseille

De Guler & Aymerich

"A renovated Marseille"

Overall rating 3.4/5

The Wildwood Tarot

Ryan & Matthews

"An oracle in the form of a tarot card"

Overall rating 3.3/5

Tarot de Marseille

Paul Marteau

"The best known of Marseille"

Overall rating 3.3/5

Light Seer’s Tarot


"Modern and beautiful"

Overall rating 3.2/5

Gilded Reverie Lenormand

Ciro Marchetti

"A very good Lenormand"

Overall rating 3.1/5

Tarot de Marseille

Jodorowky – Camoin

"An esoteric Tarot de Marseille"

Overall rating 3.0/5

Osho Zen Tarot

Ma Deva Padma

"A spiritual tarot"

Overall rating 3.0/5

Belline’s Oracle

Edmond / Belline

"An operational oracle"

Overall rating 3.0/5

Tarot de Marseille

Nicolas Conver

"The Marseille standard"

Overall rating 2.9/5

Le Grand Tarot Universel

Bruno de Nys

"An renovated Tarot de Marseille"

Overall rating 2.9/5

The Oracle or Mirrors

Dimitri d'Alfange d'Uvril

"May be the best alternative of Lenormand"

Overall rating 2.9/5

Fin de siècle Kipper

Ciro Marchetti

"When Tarot is too difficult"

Overall rating 2.9/5

The Green Witch Tarot

Ann Moura

"Beautiful but with an astonishing symbolism"

Overall rating 2.8/5

Osho Transformation Tarot


"A guidance oracle"

Overall rating 2.7/5

Piatnik Lenormand


"A Lenormand close to the original"

Overall rating 2.7/5

Gé Oracle

Gérard Barbier

"A Lenormand alternative"

Overall rating 2.7/5

Mucha Tarot

Lo Scarabeo

"Beautiful, simple ... too simple?"

Overall rating 2.7/5

Oracle of the Triad

Dominike Duplaa

"An esoteric oracle"

Overall rating 2.6/5

Golden Wirth Tarot

Oswald Wirth

"An Occult Arcana"

Overall rating 2.4/5

Persian Tarot from Miss Indira


"The Oracle of a Thousand and One Nights"

Overall rating 2.2/5