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A storybook 🦄 for your child 👧👦🏼 for building self-confidence (based on the Fool's journey)
A 'choose your own adventure' 👸🤴 personal development 🌞 book for your teenager (based on the Fool's journey)
A personal development 🌈 book based on Tarot teaching 🃏
An easy learning 🏆 book on the Marseille Tarot 🇫🇷
A learning book 🤹 on all tarots 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 (Marseille + RWS)

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Lenormand Cards Meaning

"Learn the ‘Petit Lenormand’"

Meaning and interpretation 78 Tarot Cards

"Learning the 78 Tarot cards"

Draw the 78 cards of the Tarot de marseille

"How to draw the Tarot de Marseille"

Top 5 Lenormand Spreads for Beginners

"Simple spreads to learn"

Meaning of the Tarot's major arcana

"Learning the 22 major arcana"

Yes / No Lenormand Spread

"Several possibilities to make a YES NO spread"

Frequently asked questions about tarot divinatory

"Frequently asked questions"

Top 5 mistakes to avoid when starting out in fortune-telling

"And what are the solutions?"

Everything to know about the bonus cards of the Gilded Reverie Lenormand

"Discover and use bonus cards !"

Lenormand vs Tarot

"Comparison of Lenormand and Tarot"

The Best Tarot de Marseille

"Which Tarot de Marseille is right for you"

Tarot Ritual: Awakening Your Intuitive Self

"How to get ready"

Meaning and interpretation Bateleur / Magician

"Learn the Bateleur / Magician card"

Meaning and interpretation Papesse / High Priestess

"Learn the Papesse / High Priestess card"

Meaning and interpretation Empress

"Learn the Empress card"

Meaning and interpretation Emperor

"Learn the Emperor card"

Meaning and interpretation Pape / Heriophant

"Learn the Pape / Heriophant card"

Meaning and interpretation L’Amoureux / The lovers

"Learn L’Amoureux / The lovers"

Meaning and interpretation The Chariot

"Learn The Chariot"

Meaning and interpretation The Justice

"Learn The Justice"