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Why Keyword Leaflets ?

🔮 Picture yourself practicing a spread or guidance, immersed in the vibrant energy of your favorite tarot deck. This is where my keyword leaflets come into play, serving as valuable allies to illuminate your path in the world of Tarot de Marseille, RWS Tarot, and Petit Lenormand.

The leaflets at your fingertips become your personal guides, ready to reveal inspiring keywords to enhance your interpretations. Whether during an impromptu reading with friends or a solitary guidance in a quiet corner, these little travel companions add an extra depth to your cartomancy sessions.


The Keywords of the Tarot de Marseille

For the 78 cards, you have keywords for:

  • An interpretation Fluid (positive)
  • And an interpretation Excessive
  • And an interpretation Rejected
  • And an interpretation Insufficient
Including easy interpretation of the 40 abstract numerals!
Keywords of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

For the 78 cards, you have keywords for:

  • An interpretation Positive
  • And an interpretation Negative
Includes a positive interpretation of cards generally seen as negative!
Keywords of the Petit Lenormand

For the 36 cards, you have keywords for:

  • An interpretation Modern
  • And an interpretation Historical
  • On the theme of Love
  • On the theme of Professional
  • And associations with neighboring cards
Includes a balanced, modern interpretation of cards that are generally seen as negative!
Get all your leaflets in a single PDF

Below, I offer you the opportunity to download a PDF containing these valuable leaflets. Print, cut, and fold them easily to slip into your card decks. Thus, each reading becomes an richer experience, filled with enlightening meanings.
Let your journey into the divinatory art begin, illuminated by the wisdom of the cards and the simplicity of my practical leaflets.

the leaflets

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