Personal development through tarot and oracle reading

Man has practiced divination since antiquity and has been interpreting cards for several centuries. Today, with the tarot, it is no longer a question of reading the future but of building the future.

"Far from all mysticism and occultism, reading the Tarot is for me a deep and serious way to advance in one's life and succeed in joy and lightness."

David - Author of

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My personal collection is continuously growing, new reviews and reviews are added every month. You will also find decks, books not yet reviewed by me.


Learn card interpretation, Choose your deck(s), Ritualize the use of tarot and oracles.


1Do I do consultations ?

I have never done and would never do paid consultations.

I read the cards for my family and friends when they ask me to, I read in places where people meet and share, such as 'citizens' bars or simply on the terrace of a café. My ethic invites me not to monetize my help and I do not want to make money out of a reading. During a consultation, it is a question of establishing a balanced, consenting relationship between the reader and the consultant, free of any stakes, which can be compromised by remuneration.

No, I buy my books and decks anonymously. The ones I don't buy are lent to me or given to me by those around me. I don't get decks from a creator in exchange for a (positive) review. Each of my reviews is genuine and unsponsored.
We don't care. It doesn't matter who I am, my degrees, or how long I've been studying Tarot.I'm not some kind of Obelix (from the 'Asterix' comic strip), who fell into the world of tarot when he was little ! ^_^ I acquired my first tarot when I was 24 years old, but that doesn't mean anything in itself. The important thing, it seems to me, is what I'm trying to transmit, hoping that it speaks to you and meets your needs. At the bottom of this page, I still give some information so you can see what I look like ! ^_^

Contact me, answer guaranteed ! Promised ... ;o)

If you would like to receive guidance paid by the hat, ask your question using the form, giving your first name, date of birth and place of residence.

I often add new books and games to my library. Ask me to review the one you would like to buy !

I also often write new articles. Don't hesitate to suggest a subject that interests you for the next one.

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